Version 3

    This page contains the instructions for updating Nexus from version to 1.7.1.


    1. Review the notes from Sonatype about updating to Nexus 1.6 and 1.7. (
    2. Download Nexus 1.7.1 from Sonatype (
    3. Extract the zip or tar.gz file on the server in the appropriate directory (/services/nexus).
    4. Stop nexus and httpd
      1. service httpd stop
      2. service nexus stop
    5. Copy the http url realm authentication plugin to the new version of  nexus
      1. cd /services/nexus
      2. cp  nexus-professional-webapp- nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/runtime/apps/nexus/lib/
    6. Update  the configruation of the nexus branding plugin (displays the  logo)
      1. cd /services/nexus
      2. rm -rf   sonatype-work/nexus/plugin-repository/nexus-branding-plugin-1.4.1/
      3. cp -r  nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/runtime/apps/nexus/optional-plugins/nexus-branding-plugin-1.4.2  nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/runtime/apps/nexus/plugin-repository/

      4. cp nexus-professional-webapp- sonatype-work/nexus/conf/
    7. Remove the symlink to the old nexus install directory
      1. cd /services/nexus
      2. rm current
    8. Remove the wrapper.conf file in the custom-app-configs directory (these settings have changed and the default values are now ok)
    9. Add the attached file to the custom-app-configs directory (this will replace the existing file).
    10. Link the nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/conf/ file to this file
      1. cd /services/nexus/nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/conf/
      2. mv
      3. ln -s ../../custom-app-configs/
    11. Create a symlink to the nexus startup script in /etc/init.d

      1. cd /etc/init.d
      2. rm nexus
      3. ln -s /services/nexus/nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/bin/jsw/linux-x86-64/nexus nexus
    12. Restart nexus
      1. service restart nexus
      2. service restart httpd
    13. Check that the web interface is up and available