Version 3

    This page contains recommended Maven settings for use when testing a staged release.  There are two parts of the default Maven settings that should be configured when testing a staged release.


    The Local Repository


    Maven should be configured to use a clean local repository during stage testing, to ensure build reproducibility.  This directory should be deleted when the testing is complete.





    Mirror Settings


    The mirror settings should be configured to force Maven to use only the JBoss staging repository.  This will ensure that all dependencies have been released, and ensure that the full set of artifacts is availble via the JBoss repository.


          <name> Staging Repository Group</name> 





    A full example settings.xml file is attached.  Please note that your project build may require some additional configuration.  The attached file can be downloaded to ~/.m2/settings-staging.xml .  These settings can be used via the -s option.


    mvn -s ~/.m2/settings-saging.xml install