Version 12

    We are pleased to announce the publication of a performance comparison of enterprise messaging systems using the JMS API.


    We chose a simple set of performance benchmarks to measure throughput with the most common messaging use cases, from lightweight publish/subscribe messaging to persistent point-to-point messaging.


    The benchmarks were chosen to give a representative and useful overview of *relative* performance in the most common uses cases, not to give an exhaustive view of the performance characteristics of all systems in all situations.


    Due to licensing restrictions, for several proprietary messaging systems, we are unable to attribute results to them, therefore their results are anonymised in the report.


    The results clearly position HornetQ as the performance leader across almost all use cases, and demonstrate it is no longer necessary to purchase expensive proprietary messaging systems to get the very best performance.


    The full report is attached to this page.


    [UPDATE: Unfortunately, Red Hat lawyers decided to remove even the anonymised results from this report. So the report no longer shows a comparison of the entire market.]