Version 15

    Rather than copy out existing work which is relevant, please see the Google Summer of Code 2010 page for details.


    After that, projects interested in submitting student projects to GSoC should link to their respective student project wiki pages below.






    See Student/Contributor Projects with Infinispan

    Seam 3

    See Seam 3 Student Projects


    Mentors: Dan Allen, Shane Bryzak and/or Jason Porter

    Seam Forge




    See JbpmProjects



    Expand Tattletale with


    • Support for enterprise archives (.ear, .war, .rar, ...)
    • Hudson/Jenkins plugin


    Mentor: Jesper Pedersen


    RHQ / JBossON


    See the Ideas page on the RHQ wiki


    Mentor: Heiko W. Rupp

    Additional Student Project Ideas

    Further to the list above, student project ideas for various projects can be found here: StudentResearchProjects


    You can also search for open issues that contain the student label in our JIRA issue tracking system. These are particularly suitable for students to work on.

    New Students

    See GoogleSummerofCode2011GettingStarted for details