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    Project Guidleines

    The following guidelines apply for student projects undertaken at Red Hat. A student project will always have a 'Primary Supervisor' (and potentially additional supervisors, for example, to share the load or find the right combination of expertise). The guidelines below are primarily driven by this person.


    Engineering Projects

    An ‘Engineering Project’ is one in which a student contributes to the advancement of an existing software project/product or creates a new software project. The following guidelines apply:


    1. The Primary Supervisor should first associate the project with an existing Red Hat product, or Red Hat sponsored project. If they can’t find one, they should apply to TAG who will suggest which project/product team to work with. Alternatively, the TAG may agree that this is a new area and that it’s OK to proceed with a new project.
    2. The primary supervisor should contact the lead of the associated project or product (if it exists). The purpose here is to ensure that the proposed student project is valid (e.g aligns with the project/product team's goals) and that the project/product team is happy to be involved (see later for the minimum level of involvement required).
    3. The Primary Supervisor should document the project here: If several projects can be grouped, then the Primary Supervisor may wish to list the projects elsewhere and then provide a link to them on that Student Research Projects page.
    4. As the project progresses, the Student and the Primary Supervisor should meet regularly with the lead (or their delegate) of the associated Project/Product (if exists) to discuss progress and ensure the project is heading in the right direction.
    5. The Student and Primary Supervisor should ensure that the final deliverable is something that the community can adopt. For example, it needs to be well documented, and build+testable on any developer’s laptop. The lead (or their delegate) of the associated Project/Product (if exists) should also review this.

    Research Projects

    A ‘Research Project’ focuses on a Student’s ability to research, understand and (in more advanced cases) expand on the state of the art in a specific niche.

    In the case where the student’s aim is to expand on the state of the art, it is important to ensure this is done in conjunction with the project/product that will benefit from this. As above, the Primary Supervisor must contact TAG if they are unsure of which project/product is related or to request permission to work in a new area.

    In the case where the student is just enhancing their own knowledge/understanding, it is less important to align to a particular project/product. These projects are typically done under light Red Hat supervision with the purpose of building a relationship between Red Hat and the student.


    JBoss related student research projects


    At any time there are a number of interesting research and development projects going on within JBoss. We are always looking to encourage students to work with JBoss, so if you have a specific project in mind and it's not covered here, get in touch (Mark Little At


    You can also search for open issues that contain the student label in our JIRA issue tracking system. These are particularly suitable for students to work on.