Version 1

    The RichFaces issue tracker gives end users an effective means to report, and project developers to track, bugs and feature requests.  There are many indicators that come into play when we shedule issues into a release.  One of these indicators is an issue's vote count, whereby we gain some insight into identifying what's most relevant to our user community.  So please take the time to familiarize yourself with the open JIRAs, and vote on those that are relevant/important to you.


    To help keep this process effective, let's lay a few ground rules:

    1. Please don't have everyone in your company vote for an issue.  This unnaturally skews voting results, and hinders rather than helps.
    2. New components are best introduced early in a release cycle. This is to allow for sufficient time for new components to undergo QE.


    If you have a issue that you feel is important to see addressed, there are a number of ways to drum up support:

    • Make sure you brought it up and discussed it in the user forums - link to the issue you've filed
    • Blog about the issue you've come across, and call on your audience to vote accordingly
    • Make use of social media tools, such as twitter, to find others with similar problems


    Lastly, remember that while votes for an issue will stongly influence us as we schedule issues to be resolved, it is not the only factor we take into account.  You may choose to "vote with your code", and send us a pull request addressing an issue that's important to you.