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    News: As of JBoss AS 7.1.2, CLI GUI supports integration with jconsole.


    If you start jboss-cli with the --gui option, it will bring up  a GUI instead of a command line.  Note that --gui also implies the --connect option because the gui won't boot in a disconnected state.  You should use the --controller option if you need to use a host and port other than localhost:9999.


    jboss-as-7.1.0.Final/bin> ./ --gui


    You will see a screen that looks like this where you can browse the domain model:


    To see the operations available for a node, right-click the node.  Context-sensitive help is available throughout the Command Builder:


    For operations that have parmeters, you will be prompted.  Help is available for each parameter by hovering over its label.


    The command line will be filled in automatically.  You can hit the "Enter" key or click submit to send your command to the server.


    You can also edit the command line manually and submit a command at any time:


    If you double-click on a previous command, it will be selected and copied to the command line.  You don't need to copy and paste by hand.


    The command is also copied to the system clipboard so you can paste into your favorite editor.  This is handy for creating scripts.


    As of JBoss AS7.2, CLI GUI supports the deploy and undeploy commands via the "Deployments" menu.

    The advantage of constructing your command with the GUI is that you can use the system's file browser to find your deployment.

    If you arent' using JBoss AS7.2, don't worry.  You can use the latest version of CLI on AS7.0 and AS7.1 by Using the CLI remote client jar


    And for undeploy you are presented with a list of deployments that you might wish to remove.


    Also new in JBoss AS7.2 is the "Scripts" menu.  This allows you to execute CLI scripts from CLI GUI.  One of

    the nice features here is that it remembers the last 15 scripts executed.  So you don't have to go hunting and

    typing every time you want to run your script.



    WildFly 8 adds a new "Explore" feature.  Right-click any resources and select "Explore".  Back to top ^


    A new tab will be opened with that resource as the root node.


    WildFly 8.1 adds a new "Log Download" feature.  Back to top ^