Version 28

    1. Background


         The PicketLink Console Project aims to provide a easy way to manage all PicketLink configurations using an AS7 subsystem. Basically, it is a GWT application based on the AS7 Console's architecture and principles providing UIs to manage the PicketLink AS7 Subsystem.


         This project is strongly dependent on the PicketLink Subsystem project, which defines the available configurations that can be used and manipulated. While the subsystem defines the model, the console is a user friendly interface to access it and manage the supported configurations.


         To understand more about the PicketLink AS 7 Subsystem and which configurations are supported, access this thread


         This project is in development stage, fell free to contribute with ideas and suggestions about the features that should be supported.


    2. Non-functional Requirements


         This project has some important non-functional requirements to be considered:


      • Be based on the AS7 Console architecture and Ballroom Project:
        • overall layout and structure;
        • logging, notifications, url handling, etc;
        • re-use widgets. most of them build on core GWT API;
        • a .org and product look&feel;
      • Aim for a conceptual model that represents the semantics/intentions of the PicketLink's domain model (SAML, WS-Trust, XACML, etc);
      • Only interact with the management infrastructure via a subsystem;


          For more information about the requirements above, see:



    3. Configure a JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final installation with the PicketLink Subsystem and Console


         First, download and install the JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final.


         Download the file and extract it into your JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final installation root directory.


         To test the installation, try to access the sales application at http://localhost:8080/sales. You should be redirect to the IDP login page.


         To log in, use this credentials:


      • Username: admin     
      • Password: admin123


         Now the subsystem and the console are installed. The console can be accessed at http://localhost:9990/console.


         To access the PicketLink configuration page do the following (Please, use only the Firefox to access the console):




    4. Documentation


         The documentation is available at

    5. Source Code


         The source code and instructions about how to build and run the console are available at


    6. Conclusions


         If you have any doubt or problem, please leave a comment.


         We are looking for new ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to contribute.


         You can use our freenode to make your suggestions


         We are working to support more configurations.