Version 1

    For the 7.7 release of Teiid Designer, a lot of emphasis was placed on usability and I think we hit a home run. From adding cheatsheets to assist you in modeling in a step-by-step fashion to new view table wizards, we have simplified complicated use cases in a way that allows the user to pick up our software and hit the ground running without any previous knowledge of the tooling.


    One of the improvements I am most proud of is in the area of  web service consumption. We have added a wizard that allows you to select your WSDL and operations and build request and response procedures in an intuitive way. We also generate a "wrapper" procedure that puts the request and response procedures to work. Using this wizard, you can expose even the most complex web service in a relational manner in just a couple of minutes. We also automated the process to switch between MESSAGE and PAYLOAD with support for adding SOAP headers to your request and response transformation when you are using MESSAGE mode. After generating the wrapper, you can preview it from Designer and test your service. So, take it for a spin, have fun modeling your web services and let us know what you think!