Version 4

    The scenario: I want a SOAP web service GetStringService that will return a big XML string with MTOM.


    I want to make sure the encoding stays the same from start to finish, because the XML document is really sensative of course to chars modified when encode/decode happens from other char sets.


    Server: JBoss 6.1.0.Final

    Attached to this article: cxf-test.war - example web app, and cxf-test-soapui-project.xml a soapui test case.


    Here is the implementation of the web service:

      (attached this code snippet as image to avoid the weird chars getting encoded)



    Here is what I add to web.xml:











    This will deploy. The WSDL url will be: http://localhost:8080/cxf-test


    Run this in soapui with the project attached:




    This returns the XML with correct encoding:




    So there you have it!