Version 2

    This page details a list of projects students may be interested in, which relate to Teiid.  Contributors interested in working on these should get in touch with the Teiid developer community via IRC (#teiid) on freenode or via the forum Teiid Development and suggest proposals and discuss solutions.

    You can also look at current JIRS that are open for community participation Issue Navigator - JBoss Issue Tracker

    Change data Capture

    When data sources change underneath Teiid, typically all the materialization tables become stale. The idea of the project is to capture the transaction logs of the databases and convert those into updates to the materialization tables, such that the materialization tables are not stale.

    Data Quality/Cleaning

    When data is read from sources sometimes it needs to be cleansed for correctness before it can used. One possibility is integration with and ability use it in the Teiid or find another similar solution to integrate with.

    MongoDB JDBC Driver

    Teiid offers relational access over MongoDB. However to use it they need to use Teiid Server or write some minimal code using Embedded Teiid and use it as MongoDB JDBC driver. This is a very small project, that involves packaging of different Teiid components to offer a single JAR as JDBC jar.

    PDF Translator

    Looking for ways to extract tabular data from PDF documents. For example using The text conversion is provided by the library, but a table contents are not clearly extractable.

    Web Scraper Translator

    It is easy enough to read the RSS feeds in Teiid using "web services" translator, but dealing with non-structural data, one needs to provide certain guidance to the parser or build more smarts into parsing to expose data is semi structural way. For example a repeating table on page can be a row of data etc.

    Translators for Additional Sources

    Always looking to add more translator support for additional sources, they can be relational, NoSQL, Cloud based sources etc.