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    12. října 2016:  “Right Size” Your Services with WildFly Swarm


    Czech JBoss User Group gladly invites you to a JBUG session in Brno, taking place on Wednesday October 12th, 2016 in premises of Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University room A318 at 18:00.

    Czech JBoss User Group Vás srdečně zve na setkání JBUG v Brně, které se koná ve středu 12. října 2016 v prostorách Fakulty Informatiky Masarykovy Univerzity v místnosti A318 od 18:00.


    This talk will emphasize that “size isn’t everything” and that what is the “right size” very much depends on your specific circumstances. Within that context, we will discuss developing Java EE “Right Size” services with WildFly Swarm, while providing various diverse demonstrations on how WildFly Swarm works and its ease of use.

    If you’re an experienced Java EE company, and you’ve been thinking about investigating microservices, that doesn’t have to mean doing away with Java EE. We will show how WildFly Swarm can construct a single JAR containing a Java EE Application along with any WildFly components your Java EE Application would require. These can be deployed easily and quickly to any environment with a JVM.

    We will finish by going beyond Java EE and exploring non Java EE technologies that WildFly Swarm has integrated with, such as Netflix Ribbon, Swagger, and Jolokia, that ease development for highly distributed applications intended for “cloud first” deployments.

    Presenter: Heiko Braun

    Heiko is a Principal Software Engineer for Red Hat with 18 years of experience in the industry. In recent years he did focus on large scale open source software solutions. In particular Java middleware components (J2EE) and tools and frameworks for enterprise systems integration (Web Services, BPEL, SOA, BPM).




    You can use hashtag #jbugcz

    Můžete použít hashtag #jbugcz


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