First off, apologies for the delay between Alpha2 and Beta1.  But...


...some big things happened and the delay was 1.) necessary to finish and test them, and 2.) completely worth it!  The deets:



As always, the release details are here (including a few other minor JIRAs that I didn't mention): Release Notes - JBoss Issue Tracker


Note that this should be considered the feature-freeze for 1.0.  However, we plan to immediately launch into some new awesomeness for 1.1.


One other thing to note: we finally have a logo and new branding!  Check out the website (Software Artifact, Metadata, and Information Repository (Open Source) · Artificer), Twitter (Artificer (@ArtificerRepo) | Twitter), etc. to see it in action.  We'd love to hear your thoughts.  Oh, and you deserve to purchase yourself a T-Shirt: Artificer on Twitter: "Also, Artificer mugs, buttons, and t-shirts make great birthday gifts for your loved ones http…



Docs: Index of /artificer/1.0.0.Beta1

Souce: Release artificer-1.0.0.Beta1 · ArtificerRepo/artificer · GitHub

Docker: (coming soon)