Nexus hosted on has been upgraded from version 1.7.1 to  This upgrade brings numerous bug fixes and improvements to the web interface including an improved search.  For a more details about the  changes, see the jira release notes for Nexus 1.8.0 and Nexus 1.9.0.


As part of this upgrade we will also be regenerating all of the repository indexes.  This process may take a few days to a week to complete for all of the repos, so please be patient if the search or other index related features are not fully functional at first.


Relevant to users, the Nexus archetype plugin is now a standard part of Nexus which should resolve some issues we've been facing with the generation of archetypes.xml.


This version of Nexus also comes with an improved UI for viewing audit information.  You can now browse to an artifact in a repository in the Nexus UI, and select the "Artifact Information" tab.  This will display the user who uploaded the artifact and the time which it was uploaded. 


The older artifacts (migrated from the old repo) will not have the correct user and date information.  The audit info for these artifacts is still availalbe via the audit.json files.  We will be working in the coming weeks to migrate this information into the standard Nexus format.