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The team is happy to announce that we have begun the  process to  automatically synchronize from the Maven repository to the Maven Central repostiory hosted by Sonatype.  At this point, only select directories/groupIds are being regularly synced.  We're working with Sonatype to review the artifacts and POMs in the JBoss repository to correct any problems and filter out any files that may cause conflicts.  We'll be gradually adding more dirctories over the next several months.


Here is a list of the groupIds currently being synced on a nightly basis:

  • javassist
  • jgroups
  • org.jgroups
  • org.jboss.netty
  • org.hibernate
  • org.hornetq
  • org.resteasy


As we add more groupIds, the JBoss Build wiki will be updated with the latest information about what groupIds are synced and which will be synced in the near future.


If you find problems in the syncronization, or have other questions, please file a jira issue in the JBoss Build project [1], or feel free to post questions to the forum [2].




The french company Antelink is now providing a free public mirror of the Maven repositories.  This repository provides a faster way for users in France and other areas of Europe to download JBoss artifacts for their builds.  The Antelink repository is running the Nexus repository manager, and includes a "public-jboss" repository group with contents matching the "public-jboss" group.  In addition, individual proxy repositories are provided for the hosted releases and thirdparty-releases repositories.  The full list of repositories can be viewed using the Nexus web interface.


Using Maven, there are several options for configuring your build repositories via the project pom and/or Maven settings.  The recommended way to use the new mirror without affecting existing POM configuration, is to use the Maven mirror settings located in Maven settings.xml.


      <name>Antelink mirror of the Maven repository</name>
    </mirror>    ...


Note: The antelink mirror does not include the JBoss snapshots repository, so this may need to configured separately if your build requires snapshot artifacts.


Thanks to Antelink for providing this mirror!