The old JBoss Maven repository ( is no longer available.  This repository has been deprecated since we migrated to Nexus over a year ago and we want to make sure everyone switches over to the new repo.  I'll try to answer some common questions here.


What about existing builds using the old repository or rebuilding old projects dependent on the old repo?


If you have builds using the old repository, the recommended solution is to update the repository configuration in your POMs and/or settings.xml.  If you are unable to update the POMs, another option is to add a mirror configuration to your settings.xml.


    <name>JBoss Public Nexus Repository</name>


Why not just provide the new content at the old URL via redirect or other means?


During our migration to Nexus we reorganized the repository, and moved a lot of bad content out of the old repository.  So there isn't any new repository which contains the exact same content as the old one.  Although we may re-enable the old URL with the new content at some point in the future.


What if a build needs artifacts that are missing from the new repository?


If you find an artifact not available in the "public" Nexus group, it was probably deprecated so you should fix the dependency on that artifact.  If this is not possible, you can use the "deprecated" repository in Nexus.  More information is available on the page JBoss Deprecated Repository


Other questions/comments?


Please feel free to create a jira request (, or post in the build forum (