• GateIn installation on existing JBoss EAP 6.0 running on CentOS 7

    I am new to JBoss and Gatein. I have CentOS 7 server with JBoss EAP 6.3. I want to install GateIn in this current environment. Any help in this regard is appreciated. Thanks, --Sriram
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  • Source code

    Is there any place where i can find a single zip file with all the modules and its source code instead of getting different modules from github and combining them.Thank you
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  • Debugging GateIn

    GateIn can be debugged as any other application deployed on JBoss AS:   As a Remote JVM, started manually and by attaching a debugger to the JVM As a local JVM, managed by your IDE   Option 1: remote debug...
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  • GateIn Portal Release Process

    Purpose of this document is to keep track of all necessary steps to perform project release.     Components   GateIn Dep https://github.com/gatein/gatein-dep TBD   GateIn Parent https://githu...
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  • GateIn Portal - Git Migration and Usage

    Status Initial planning. Scheduling migration plan and defining usage in the project   Owner Boleslaw Dawidowicz and Julien Viet   Introduction Git has a few strenghts over SVN. Fast Distributed/off...
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