• Preference for loading js files in navigation-api.war

         Hi All,        Our application is deployed in Gatein 3.6 with JBoss 7 application server. For showing menu, we are using a customized war(navigation-api-portlet.war) ...
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    created by poornima.abhi
  • How to get parameter's value from URL in Gatein Portlet?

    Hi all,   Is there any way to get parameter's value form URL in Gatein Portlet?   ex: http://localhost:8080/portal/myapp/search?id=234 how can i get 「id」 value ?   thanks.
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    last modified by terry.lin
  • How to import all users of GateIn3.2 to GateIn3.6

    Hi,   We have migrated from GateIn 3.2 to GateIn 3.6 recently.The database of GateIn used in both versions is Oracle. We have created numerous users in GateIn, means they all are stored in jcr and idm tables. B...
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    created by anishantony
  • org.gatein.portal:exo.portal.webui.portal loading issue under custom portlet

    Hello,   I am developing a portlet under gatein an I need to retrieve the current user logged in the portal. I have inserted in my pom.xml this dependency <dependency>       <...
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  • GateIn Specifications

    GateIn Portal Specifications   This is the place to keep references to all GateIn Portal technical specifications. Each new project feature should have one created.   GateIn 4.0  The 4.0 version is cu...
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    last modified by julien_viet