• Future of GateIn?

    Hi there,   it looks like the project has fallen asleep.   Are there plans with the project? Is the further development cancelled?   If so, it would be nice, if this would be communicated!   Be...
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    created by leolo
  • GateIn installation on existing JBoss EAP 6.0 running on CentOS 7

    I am new to JBoss and Gatein. I have CentOS 7 server with JBoss EAP 6.3. I want to install GateIn in this current environment. Any help in this regard is appreciated. Thanks, --Sriram
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    last modified by skotni
  • Preference for loading js files in navigation-api.war

         Hi All,        Our application is deployed in Gatein 3.6 with JBoss 7 application server. For showing menu, we are using a customized war(navigation-api-portlet.war) ...
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    created by poornima.abhi
  • Source code

    Is there any place where i can find a single zip file with all the modules and its source code instead of getting different modules from github and combining them.Thank you
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    last modified by vipul.marlecha
  • reference JS scrips for each portlet in gatein-resources.xml

    I am trying to reference JS scrips for each portlet in gatein-resources.xml. https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/GTNPORTAL34/GDG-JavaScript+Resource+Management How do I reference them to each portlet? I am trying to...
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    created by suarem11
  • Gate-In registration process extension

    I am working on a project to build a commercial protal over gatein 3.6, and we have our own business requirements for the registration module. I need the user to be registered in the portal plus adding some specific f...
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    created by emadcsh
  • Development environment to build gatein

    hello I'd like to change GateIn into my own project,how should I build the development environment with eclipse .
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    created by jerrychui
  • How to deploy GateIn on OpenShift Online

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to install GateIn on a JBoss As 7 server on OpenShift Online, but the only tuto i have found is for deploying GateIn to OpenShift Express at this page : https://community.jboss.org/w...
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    last modified by ideuzess
  • How to get parameter's value from URL in Gatein Portlet?

    Hi all,   Is there any way to get parameter's value form URL in Gatein Portlet?   ex: http://localhost:8080/portal/myapp/search?id=234 how can i get 「id」 value ?   thanks.
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    last modified by terry.lin
  • How to import all users of GateIn3.2 to GateIn3.6

    Hi,   We have migrated from GateIn 3.2 to GateIn 3.6 recently.The database of GateIn used in both versions is Oracle. We have created numerous users in GateIn, means they all are stored in jcr and idm tables. B...
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    created by anishantony
  • How to change 「Password and username reminder」mail notification in GateIn 3.6?

    Hi all.   How can i change 「Password and username reminder」mail notification in GateIn 3.6? Please let me know how to do it.   Thanks in advance.
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    last modified by terry.lin
  • Manage Users

    Hi,   I have created a portal extention which has 2 set of landing pages havind 2 diferent layouts   1. public home page 2. User Landing page (will be loaded after logging in from the public home page) &#...
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    last modified by logesh.ragupathi
  • Not able to start portlet container using jboss jpp-6.1 with gatein 3.6

    Hi team,   We are trying to achieve High Availability using jboss jpp-6.1 . We are able to achieve on server level.But we are facing issue when it is bundled with portal container.   OS-RHEL Jboss-JPP6....
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    last modified by geetikathakkar
  • org.gatein.portal:exo.portal.webui.portal loading issue under custom portlet

    Hello,   I am developing a portlet under gatein an I need to retrieve the current user logged in the portal. I have inserted in my pom.xml this dependency <dependency>       <...
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    last modified by dcdh1983
  • Gatein 3.5.2 - "Overwriting" CSS class .UIWorkingWorkspace within Portal container extension

    Hi,   I'm trying to change the page size for every portal pages and for that i need to "overwrite" the CSS class named ".UIWorkingWorkspace" located in ../gatein/gatein.ear/eXoResources.war/skin/DefaultSkin/por...
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    last modified by regis.mazur
  • merged.js - issue in production mode

    Hi All,   I have a web application deployed in GateIn 3.2. It works fine with Ext js 3.2 .Recently i upgraded Exj js library from 3.2 to 3.4.It works fine in development mode with -Dexo.product.developing=true. ...
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    last modified by poornima.abhi
  • Please give me a brief idea about navigationServiceImpl

    Hi all   I need to add a new navigation link in my GateIn portal programmatically (i am using GateIn 3.2). I think for that i need to call the methods in navigationServiceImpl . But i am confused with the  ...
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    last modified by anishantony
  • Public API - Quick glance at Navigation

    Since it's been some time since we've last discussed the Public API, I wanted to at least give a quick look at the recent work that has been done with the API and more specifically Navigation. As always you can view t...
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    last modified by nscavell
  • gatein、mssql2012、jtds

    09:41:29,768 INFO  [exo.jcr.component.core.JDBCWorkspaceDataContainer] (MSC service thread 1-4) dialect:MSSQL, source-name:java:/jdbcjcr_portal, db-structure-type:isolated, update-storage:true, max-buffer-size:20...
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    created by currying
  • the attachment section of spring security integration in GateIn is not found

    Hello, the of this aricale is not found http://docs.jboss.org/exojcr/1.12.13-GA/developer/en-US/html/ch-spring-security-integration.html can you help me to find it  or suggest some alternate link.   tha...
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    created by anouarus