• org.hibernate.proxy.pojo.BasicLazyInitializer] Javassist Enhancement failed:

    I need  help, I am struggling with this error. Please let me know what I am doing wrong This error is getting generated for the first time when I launch the application and the server is started. and it is happe...
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    created by raja_rani
  • sun.reflect.UnsafeStaticObjectFieldAccessorImpl

    I am trying to understand the scenarios which could lead to javassist throwing the following error: 2009-07-27 15:49:32,094 INFO [STDOUT] 15:49:32,091 ERROR [BasicLazyInitializer] Javassist Enhancement failed: com.edg...
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    last modified by Steve Ebersole
  • Changing return type of a method impacts calling methods

    I am trying to copy and replace a method with a different return type but it seems like the only way I can successfully do it is to have the source code. If I replace the method then instrument the calling method to c...
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    created by Aaron Tull
  • [solved] First time with Javassist - my SSCCE doesn't work as I expected

    (Originally posted here)   I took my very first step with Javassist by writing a SSCCE that tries to modify a field access.  It compiles and runs without error, but the output is not what I expected.  ...
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    last modified by Kevin Krumwiede
  • Using an existing class for CtClass

    In my code I've a class produced by the Groovy classloader scripting engine, then this class is not in the classpath. I need to create a CtClass from that class but I failed. I tried using ClassPool with a ClassClas...
  • Javassist adding annotation to method argument

    Read this answer (How to add parameter annotation to new Method ?) on the jboss community regarding adding an annotation to a parameter in a method. Stuck at getting the parameter or in Javassist terms the attribute. ...
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    created by Matthew Young
  • Javassist throws NullPointerException when constructor calls another method

    Hi everyone,   I'm facing the following problem.   I have a multi-thread application to run batch processes, and if I run a process segregated in 2 threads it works fine, but when I run it segregated in 10...
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    last modified by Reginaldo L. Russinholi
  • Problem with cast - javassist_236 cannot be cast to

    Hi everybody!   This is my first time here, and I apologize if my question has already been solved before, or is a stupid question. But I'm learning to develop. I searched for a solution to my problem and have n...
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    created by Samir Daneu
  • javassist compiling/casting Integers as strings

    Hi, I"m a new javassist user and noticed that the following code is resulting in a value of 1599 instead of 114.  Makes me think that the integers are getting cast as Strings.  How can I overcome this issue...
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    created by Raj Rajamani
  • IllegalAccessError when using an instrumented class

    Hi all,   I am trying to instrument https://github.com/clojure/clojure/blob/master/src/jvm/clojure/lang/Compiler.java I am using the following code:   ClassPool cp = ClassPool.getDefault(); CtClass ctCla...
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    created by Navgeet Agrawal
  • Javassist 3.18.0-GA in Maven repository not present

    Hello I know that it may sound stupid, however it seems that Javassist 3.18.0-GA is not preset in the central Maven repository and I cannot find it in private JBoss repository too.   May I know when will it app...
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    last modified by Antonio Petrelli
  • User Disconnected Several Times per day problem

    I have a user that gets disconnected from the server several times per day.   It does not appear that her internet connection is dropping, only the connection to jboss.   Could someone please review this e...
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    created by John Foster
  • Javassist dealing across different project packages

    Concept question: Is there a way to write a javassist program in a package other than the src folder that can modifiy other classes (either in the src folder or sub folders of the src folder).  I have messed arou...
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    last modified by Melissa Dale
  • Find existing classes?

    Is there a way to use javassist to find a list of existing java classes in the system search path? I know you can use ".getDefault()" to return the system's default search path, is there a way list the classes on this...
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    last modified by Melissa Dale
  • Grabbing an existing class's constructors?

    I am a graduate student studying software engineering and technical debt. For my research I am using Javassist to create coupling between classes. However there is obviously a problem when I try to create an instance ...
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    last modified by Melissa Dale
  • Delete code has been injected with javassist

    hello is it possible withe javassist to inject anything before calling a specific method and delete this adding also like this m.insertBefore("method1()"); how i can delete it in other times?
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    last modified by bato
  • "duplicate class definition" error on CtClass.toClass() call

    I'm trying to reflect annotation changes to classes.   When i call the CtClass.toClass() method i'm always getting the following error: javassist.CannotCompileException: by java.lang.LinkageError: loader (inst...
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    created by Carsten Jäger
  • VerifyError with complex Javassist instrumentation

    Hi, I'm working on a new OSS project to allow Java developers to declaratively handle the Java AccessController APIs.  One of our features is the concept of "method blueprinting" whereby the code requiring privil...
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    created by Matt Benson
  • Multi ClassPool

    Hi, i am newbe in Javassist and i have this problem:   i have below code:           ClassPool pool = ClassPool.getDefault();       ...
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    created by darthrooster
  • javassist not injecting annotation on an existing field

    0 down vote  favorite      I'm trying to inject JAXB annotation at runtime using Javassist. I have written following code: public class AssistAnnotationInjector {    public stati...
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    created by Ankur Gupta