• JBossASSupport

    This page contains details of the support for standards in JBoss Application Server.   Standards Body Name JBAS 3.2.7 JBAS 3.2.8 JBAS 4.0.0 JBAS 4.0.1-SP1 JBAS 4.0.2 JBAS 5.0.0 JCP JEE (JSR 58/...
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  • Action Plan for Infinispan Integration in AS trunk

    Tasks to move JBoss AS from JBC to Infinispan. Goal is to complete critical items by M4.   Distributed locking / session ownership Determine long-run strategy for  sharing access to JGroups Channel https:/...
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  • Client API WhiteList for JBoss AS 5.x ++

    This article lists all the client api that is available to the users of JBoss AS 5.x ++ The primary API for users will be the standard Java EE API available for clients (no SPI or server integration api).   Subs...
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  • Design of Naming Deployers

    This document outlines the jboss-reloaded-naming and jboss-reloaded-naming-deployers components which are responsible for providing a runtime with the standardized name space java:comp, java:module and java:app. Statu...
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  • TCK5PostgreSQL

    Running TCK against a locally installed PostgreSQL  The default postgresql profile defined in j2eetck-mods will create an installation which runs against a PostgreSQL database installed in QA labs. To be able to...
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  • SubversionMigrationGuide

    This wiki houses information regarding how to develop JBoss software with the subversion source control system - Getting started with the JBoss SVN Repo  We have migrated the JBossAS source base from CVS and m...
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