• Webapp - Autologin with  form based authentication

    I have a web application with form based authentication. I wish I could make a autologin (with a servlet or a filter or....other). I found an old discussion very useful but I can not use it Autologin Form Based Authe...
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    created by tigre9
  • Problem with multiple sessions

    Hello, good afternoon, I have a serious problem, the company I work for is developing a large system that has multiple hits at the same time (multiple sessions), but the jboss comes mixing session data exchanging valu...
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    created by matheuspaiva
  • Configure JBoss for HTTPS on Eclipse Windows

    Hello!   I´m using Jboss wildfly and following this tutorial: https://wiki.jasig.org/display/CASUM/HOWTO+Configure+JBoss+for+HTTPS. So I created a certificate, server.keytore and so on. My Hostname is "MyH...
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    last modified by compauer
  • How to install SSLCertificateChainFile in JBoss 7

    Hi all,   in JBoss 5.1 i configured a ssl connection like this:   <Connector protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11AprProtocol" SSLEnabled="true"         ...
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    last modified by celle2006
  • Wrong realm getting called by JBoss security - help

    I've got 2 wars installed in JBoss, one with / context root, and one with /foo context root. The one at / has realm-A in the web.xml and the one at /foo has realm-B in web.xml.   Everything seems to be working f...
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    created by chrisbitmead
  • How do I pass username from presentation layer to database?

    down vote  favorite     When a user saves or modifies an object, I want to persist their http session username in the database columns CREATE_USER and MODIFY_USER. I'm finding two difficulties w...
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    created by adamsn06
  • JPA+mysql No suitable driver found when deployed to JBoss 7.1.1

    This is the question I asked at stackoverflow, unfortunately, no solution so far. So I paste my question here. I am using JPA + Hibernate provider + MySQL in my spring mvc project. These are the tests I did so far...
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    created by rjiang21
  • ERROR [68MJGTMV]  and [XJEL5QC6] DefaultExceptionHandler

    09:23:37,040 ERROR [package.subitem.web.exception.DefaultExceptionHandler] Caught an unhandled exception. Generated code: [68MJGTMV]: : javax.faces.FacesException: #{beanName.save2();} : javax.ejb.EJBTransactionRolled...
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    created by victor2014
  • Add a Global Valve in AS7 (7.2.x)

    The global valve feature has been added by pull request #3326. To use it you need to put the valve class(es) in a jar and the jar in a module, tell do that with an example: Let's use the Tomcat RemoteAddrValve. In ...
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    last modified by lkrzyzanek
  • AJP threads waiting on socket reads in Jboss 7.1.1.final

    Hi all,   I see many threads in a waiting state with the following trace. Is this a problem?   State: RUNNABLE Total blocked: 3    Total waited: 45 Strack trace:     java....
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    last modified by jacobmarcus20
  • Jboss 7.1 connection time out for ejb lookup using the client

    Hi,   I have created simple ejb3 and deployed on jboss 7.1 server. When I am trying to lookup using the client code, I am getting the below exception.   public class ClientUtility {   /*locati...
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    created by raviananda
  • Does Jboss 6.1.0 support ejb 2.1 ?

    Hi All,   We are migrating the weblogic server to jboss 6.1.0 server, In process of migration, we are also migrating the ejb v 2.1. So, I tried to create the sample ejb 2.1 project and try to look up, but I'M ...
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    last modified by raviananda
  • Externalizing war file configuration

    Hi.   Is there a recommended way to externalize configuration parameters that are currently stored in the web.xml of a WAR file. In the JBOSS admin console, when selecting a WAR a detailed view is displayed on t...
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    created by sergio.lombrico
  • Purely java base spring web mvc application showing 404

    Hi all,   I am new to spring web mvc. I have created an application of which all the configurations are purely java based (not even the web.xml is there). The problem is it is perfectly working on tomcat 7 but s...
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    last modified by arpan88
  • Factorial program in php

    Hello there..   Please can anyone provide me the code to find factorial in php.   thanks         
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    created by jasminesaini584
  • Disabling Chunked Transfer Encoding in JBossWS - server side

    Hi guys,   I have a web service deployed in JBoss AS 5.0.1GA and several clients that need to communicate to it.   I disabled the  "Chunked Transfer encoding" mechanism from clients to server through ...
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    created by juceyn
  • Tricky web authorization problem (web start)

    I've got an app that has a Java web start application. If you don't know, web start is a Java program that downloads apps from web sites and automatically checks for updates.   The problem is, if you use no auth...
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    created by chrisbitmead
  • Failed authenticate() test in Web Application with Custom LoginModule

    Hi,   I have a Custom LoginModule that works fine with authentication in EJBs with Remote Communication in JBoss 6.   But it doesn't work when I use it in a web application.   I can see the following...
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    last modified by simas_ch
  • JBoss web application authorization

    i have two web application deployed on jboss 7.1.2.Final. user with specific roles can access these applications . when i access these application ,a login BASIC authentication pop-up asks for user name and password....
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    created by rohanemmanuel
  • IDE variable 'JBOSS_HOME' was not found in the workspace[ HELP ! ]

    when i tried to import eclipse project into netbean this is the error i got , may i know why ?
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    created by johnlim5847