• How to configure Liferay as SP and PicketLink as IP

    I want to do Single sign on using PicketLink Identity provider and Liferay as service provider
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  • SAML 2.0 SSO for multiple war files in single jboss instance

    I have been working on implementing SSO solution for my application. My requirement is as follows,   Requirement: Implement SSO service provider endpoint (sso agent) as a seperate war file but deployed in the ...
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  • Customization of SSO in Jboss 6.4 EAP using PicketLink

    We are currently using Jboss 4.3 and we use Josso 1.7 for the single sign on (SSO). Currently our SSO is very much customized with our own tables created for Audit trail and reporting purpose.   In Jboss 6.4, Re...
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  • Troubles with Extended AbstractCredentialHandler

    I have a system using resteasy 2.3.7 and picketlink. I extend the AbstractCredentialHandler class and the getAccount() method was overridden. This method creates an instance to the logged user. We have seen the logged...
  • Error : Could not add AttributedType

    Hi guys, I'm with this problem and do not know what can be can you help me?   My server is Wildfly 8.2   My class GroupMembersip @RelationshipStereotype(GROUP_MEMBERSHIP) public class GroupMembershi...
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  • Problem with RelationshipManager

    Hi guys,   I'm with problem to populate the table with user admin default   error in console   2:15:02,514 ERROR [stderr] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 54) org.picketlink.idm.IdentityManagementExcept...
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  • Validation of SAML assertion present in soap message at Service Provider End

    Hi, Currently I am configuring Service Provider to handle soap message which contains the SAML assertion in jboss-eap-6.2 & picketlink-federation-2.7.0 . I want to validate this saml assertion against the key whic...
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  • AngularJS token/rest JPA & LDAP... how to?

    I need to authenticate in LDAP and store the token in JPA, Im using: https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-picketlink-quickstarts/tree/master/picketlink-angularjs-rest I'm trying to mix it with LDAP, I can auth...
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  • SSO with Desktop application

    Hi,   I am evaluating an API to implement sign signon with desktop applications, do you guys think PicketLink is the right framework for such implementation ?   Please advise.   Take care, Rishi
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  • Request for Enhancement

    Below are a few items that we'd like to see in a future release, or given fair discussion/consideration.   It would be nice if PicketLink allowed me to get the Identity Type instance from the Entity which it map...
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  • Problem using Picketlink 2.6.0.CR1 in Wildfly 8.0.0.final

    Hi all, I tried to use a Idp sample of Picketlink 2.6.0.CR1 in Wildfly 8.0.0.final and when I put user/password information I get this message: The Identity Provider could not process the authentication request. ...
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  • Picketlink and Mutual Authentication using SSL

    I've been working with PicketLink for a while now and have username/password working correctly.  The project I'm working on requires that we use certificates for machine to machine communication.  An article...
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  • Signature validate Error

    Validating signatures from ASFS STS is failing. My picketlink.xml has <PicketLinkSP SupportsSignatures="true". I previously had it working when using JBoss6 with picketlink 2.1.7.   I'm using Picketlink 2.5.2...
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  • Picketlink IDM Group List

    I was able to get LDAP authentication to work via the code below.   import static org.picketlink.common.constants.LDAPConstants.CN; import static org.picketlink.common.constants.LDAPConstants.CREATE_TIMESTAMP; i...
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  • Pickectlink in jboss 7.1.1 and jboss 4.2.3

    Hi, Has any one implemented picket link idp.war in jboss 7.1.1 and sales.war in 4.2.3? deploying all wars for either jboss 7 or joss 4 works.I need to access idp in one server and sales(sp) in other server.Though i a...
  • QuickStarter Login Mechanism

    Hi all,   I'm currently working on a SSO project. But I'm a bit confused about the login mechanism in the quickstart.   First, I found that the user input Username and Password can be only retrieved once by ...
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  • PicketLink v3.0 Discussions

    Notes from the hangout this morning.  You can always subscribe to security-dev  email list on  lists.jboss.org       What is contained in PicketLink v3.0? Authentication API. Enables EE...
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  • Picket integration with existing Hibernate Entities

    I have a spring application with spring security. I am working on a proof of concept to use picket for gatein portal. Initially I am trying to configure Picket so that it uses the existing application's User, Role, Gr...
  • federaion support in JBoss

    Hi I am using JBoss picketlink for one my project as per my requirement I want to use ws-federation protocol (Active Scenario) in my applciation . How to achieve that using picketlink
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    created by utsavvishnoi
  • How to do eliminate the Picketlink SSO timeout - TokenTimeout

    Hi!   The documentation https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/PLINK/Security+Token+Service+Configuration mentions a TokenTimeout value that can be set. We are looking to have the web sessions not timeout at all....
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    created by jmeyer_community