As the development of JBoss Portlet Bridge 3.x ramps up again, you may have noticed some changes going on in the community space.


There is now a dedicated community space to discuss development of Portlet Bridge at Portlet Bridge Development.  There are already some articles present around how to contribute to the project, what our development workflow is, and our tentative roadmap plans for the coming months!


We're very open and eager to have anyone help out that wishes to, in any way that they are able!


The tentative roadmap is more aggressive than the past, but I believe it's time to be as agile as possible in the project releases.  I'd rather release more often, with less changes between each, to garner community feedback as soon as possible about our direction and progress.


If you, the community, have any other ideas about how JBoss Portlet Bridge could improve as a project, don't hesitate to come by the development forums to express your views!



Ken Finnigan

JBoss Portlet Bridge Lead