• jboss-seam-2.3.1.Final\examples\booking's initial mapping setting

    Hi, i can confirm http://localhost:8080/seam-booking/home.seam ( after mvn clean package / mvn jboss-as:deploy ) using Example of jboss-seam-2.3.1.Final   Then examing application configuration contents ...
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  • Does seam 3 works with Myfaces

    Hi,   Is there a way to use Myfaces with seam 3 on Jboss AS 7.1.1 Final ?   I try to switch our seam 3 project from Mojarra to Myfaces but i've got the following exception : "com.sun.faces.config.Configur...
  • question about the seam conversation context

    Supposing that I'm using the @Begin annotation to start a long-term conversation, which of the following statement is correct : 1. if method returned normally, Seam destroys the current temporal conversation and crea...
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  • Seam 2.3 - Does it work with JSF 1.2?

    I'm upgrading my Seam 2.2 application to Seam 2.3.1.Final and would like to know if it's compatible with JSF 1.2. I noticed Seam 2.3.1.Final's "ui" artifact transitively downloads jboss-jsf-api_2.1_spec:jar which is a...
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  • Seam

    I inherited a project written in Seam, so I'm trying to get started using JDeveloper but having a heck of a time. First, I'm not sure what all jars are needed for seam, so I'm trial and error adding them one at a time...
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  • help with IllegalStateException

    Hi there, trying to resolve an error.   1. User gets authenticated (seam security) 2. User gets redirected to a restricted page 3. User leaves the computer, the session times out 4. User comes back, loads t...
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  • Cannot access Seam Components within JAR from WAR in [JBOSS 7.1.1.FINAL and SEAM 2.2.1.CR2]

    Problem: I have an ejb-jar-1.jar which defines EJBs and Entities. The project structure is listed below. During deployment all EJBs are successfully bootstraped > started and their JNDI locations are printed in a l...
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    created by ronsi
  • Injection of session bean in request scoped managed bean is null

    I have the following flow in my app.   Load main page ---> AuthenticatorAction is loaded which validates user   This has scope : @Stateless @Name("authenticator")   Now i have injected a sessi...
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    created by mthigale
  • project name:tasks-rs: JAX-RS, JPA quickstart

    In my research this project ,i have a question .Resources.java  has What Effect? thanks i dont understand when i delete this  ,why this project don't work .please email wfkjzyxy_001@163.com thanks   @...
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  • Error while deploying Seam app on JBOSS 7

    My Environment Setup is as below: JBOSS 7 + Postgres 9 + Seam 2.3     Created default Seam app in Eclipse Was able to compile evrything     Defined standalone.xml         ...
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  • Seam Examples Bug - Where to submit it?

    Hi,   There's a bug in the examples. Basically everything's listed here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12986928/maven3-0-4-fails-to-download-repositories   I looked for 10 minutes where I could submit...
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    created by uykusuz
  • Seam Transaction illegal state

    Hi all, I'm using AS7 7.1.CR1b, Seam 3.1 Final. Postgres and latest JDBC driver. I use seam faces and I have the transaction interceptor enabled. While I debug the app in Eclipse, I get the below exception. It see...
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  • Deltaspike JPA Module for JTA Transactions,

    Hi all,   since DeltaSpike doesn't have its own user forum, I'm writing here instead.   I have a war project which is packaged in an  ear. But I can't activate the altervative BeanManagedUserTransac...
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  • own Seam component

    How to write my own Seam Components or how can i extend the functionality of a existing seam component ?
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  • IE shows unexpected exception in a SEAM application

    Hi All,   I am new to this community.   I am having an application in JSF/SEAM/JPA-JTA and using SEAM annotations.   I am facing a problem with behaviour of the aplication in which the some of the B...
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  • Configuring Seam Mail programmatically

    Hi, is it possible to configure Seam Mail programmatically? I've already been using Seam Mail and configured it with <mail:mail-session ...> in components.xml. That works fine. But how to configure settings l...
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  • jason porter said remoting project has been deprecated by other technologies

    jason porter said remoting project has been deprecated by other technologies.     i like remoting so much.     i want know what technologies json porter said can replace remoting ???????
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  • Seam 2.3 same bug as JBSEAM-1093

    Hello, i try to use Seam 2.3 tags how in JBSEAM-1093, and i get same error
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  • Seam Solder 3.1.1.Final + richfaces 4 fileuploader + Attempted to inject an HttpServletRequest before it has been initialized

    Hi,   VERSIONS :      1. Richfaces 4      2. Seam solder 3.1.1Final      3. Jboss 7.1   EXPLAINATION :   Actually I'm migrating from...
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    created by rahul22
  • Can't inject entityManager into application component?

    Why doesn't this work? @Startup @Scope(APPLICATION) @Name("replogApplication") public class ReplogApplication { ... @In(create=true) private transient EntityManager entityManager; @Create public void init () { ...
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