We did some migration documentation before, even it was not very well announced on all possible streams.


It started as Seam 2 -> Seam 3 migration example at seam/migration · GitHub for very well known example application - Open18 from Dan Allen's book - Manning: Seam in Action and also there were Wiki on that github repository Home · seam/migration Wiki · GitHub - some migraiton parts were missing, but basics were described.


So I took a time around start of this year to fork that repository and made more enhancements to Seam 2 usage and aimed not just Seam 3 and Java EE, but the current available technology stack purely Java EE 6 with some addition of Apache Deltaspike .


So Seam 2 users which are still using Seam 2 framework in their applications and would like to migrate to Java EE with CDI/DeltaSpike can get help from this forked Wiki at https://github.com/mareknovotny/seam-migration/wiki