The first milestone release of SwitchYard is scheduled for the middle of next month and we're pretty excited about what's in store.  The scope is fairly modest : get a release out the door that allows users to create and run a service-oriented application using SwitchYard.  Of course, it's not quite as bland as that sounds.  We're looking at some exciting ways to leverage Weld and CDI to provide and consume services.  We are creating a flexible approach to transformation that treats data formats and representations as an intrinsic mechanism of the service mediation runtime.  We are developing an application metadata model that stresses ease of use, plays nicely with existing standards, and provides the information you need to create interoperable and governable services.


Our hope is that a quick release that demonstrates an end-to-end solution will provide a great way for users to provide feedback.  I have published some initial thoughts on an example application we can use with Milestone 1 here.  If you want more detail on what's going in, check out JIRA for M1.  We would love to hear feedback, so drop by the community pages and share your thoughts.