One of our community members, Daniel Bevenius, has been doing some great work integrating Apache Camel as a component in SwitchYard.  If you've never heard of Apache Camel, you betta ask somebody.  In brief, Camel is an integration framework that provides a routing engine, suite of components/adapters, a straightforward and rich routing expression language, and fantastic built-in support for Enterprise Integration Patterns.  Camel is also quite flexibile in terms of how it can be deployed and used within other containers (hence the Chameleon reference).

So how will Camel be put to use in SwitchYard?  The two primary use cases are:

  • Using camel adapter components as gateway bindings
  • Using the camel routing engine as a pipeline orchestrator (similar to action processing pipeline in JBoss ESB)


Daniel has already implemented the first part and is actively working on the second.  More info can be found in this article.  From here, you can expect some quickstarts to help you get up and running quickly with features based on Camel.  We will also be looking at some innovative ways to integrate CDI and the Java DSL in Camel.  Stay tuned!