SwitchYard AS6 & AS7 distros are available for download and test from the JBoss Maven repository.  These are full distributions of JBoss AS6 and AS7 pre-configured with SwitchYard v0.1.0 SNAPSHOT:



We'd love for people to download one of these deployments, test against the SwitchYard Quickstarts and let us know what you think and whatever issues you encounter.  Simply:


  1. Download one of the above distributions and install it on your system in the same way you would the normal AS6 or AS7 distribution (don't forget to point $JBOSS_HOME at the unzipped ditro).
  2. Clone the Quickstarts from github (you need git installed on your system):
    • git clone git://github.com/jboss-switchyard/quickstarts.git
  3. Build the Quickstarts:
    • mvn clean package


After building you'll find there are a number of quickstarts jar files that can be deployed to your SwitchYard enabled AS Server.  We'll be adding proper readmes/docs to the quickstarts before the release but here's a quick rundown:


  1. demos/orders:  This Quickstart demos the SwitchYard SOAP component combind with the CDI based Bean Services.  Deploy it to your App Server and then use a SOAP Client (e.g. soapUI) to invoke the SOAP endpoint binding (see the AS console for the Service URL and then add "?wsdl" to get the wsdl).  This invokes CDI Bean implemented SwitchYard Service through the SwitchYard Exchange mechansim.
  2. camel-binding:  This Quickstart demos SwitchYard's Apache Camel integration.  A CDI Bean Service is exposed via a Camel File Endpoint.  To exercise the quickstart you need to drop a "test.txt" file (containing some text) into the "target/input" folder off your App Server's bin directory (e.g. "switchyard-as6-0.1/bin/target/input").
  3. camel-service:  This quickstart is currently broken and we are working on fixing it.


Please give it a try and let us hear about any issues you encounter !!