Rob has created an initial version of a SwitchYard plugin for Eclipse.  Please note the emphasis on initial, since this thing is just getting started.  That said, I think it's already super valuable for SwitchYard developers because it wires us into the Eclipse build cycle via m2eclipse.  This means auto-builds and unit tests can be run directly inside of Eclipse and you still get the benefit our our service scanners and config generation (which are implemented as Maven plugins).  This feature alone is worth your time to install another plugin.  Read on if you want to give it a try ....


The plugin is currently available through the SwitchYard-Tools Jenkins build here : .  From this link you can download the offline site archive ( or you can point directly at the following URL as an Eclipse update site:


That looks a little something like the following:




Rob has added a couple more features beyond the build lifecycle integration, so hopefully this will serve as bait for him to discuss them in greater detail. :-)  Between Forge and JBDS, I think we have the foundation for a great tooling story in SwitchYard.  Stay tuned.