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JUDCon India 2012

Posted by kcbabo Jan 27, 2012

Just got back home from JUDCon India 2012 and all I can say is "Wow!".  Magesh and I gave a talk on SwitchYard and I also had a chance to participate in the developer panel at the end of day 1.  The entire trip was a fantastic experience, albeit a bit short.  I just checked and I spent about 49 hours traveling to and from India and only 72 hours in the country itself!  Here are my highlights of the trip:


  • This was my first time in India and I was really impressed by both the people and the fusion of culture and technology in the city of Bangalore.  Taxi rides were .. ehm ... exciting! ;-)
  • The conference itself was huge!  Huge venue, huge turnout.  Great to see that level of interest in JBoss technologies.  Conference producers (Saltmarch Media) did an excellent job.
  • Man, we (JBoss) are working on a lot of cool and diverse stuff.  It's tough to pay attention to everything we are doing in the community, so this was a great chance to get a quick rundown of what a lot of other projects are up to.  I was surprised to see how well Spring and CDI can integrate in Ray's talk.  The CapeDwarf work that Ales has been doing was completely new to me and very cool.
  • On the Monday before the conference, Magesh and I met to run through our presentation and we both came to the realization that there's too much stuff to talk about in a single presentation.  This is really a testament to how much our contributors have been able to create in SwitchYard in a relatively short period of time.  The upshot here is that you can expect us to grow Infinispan-style in future conferences, with multiple focused presentations on cool bits of SwitchYard.


All of the talks will be available for download and video will be available as well.

Is it auspicious to say that SwitchYard now uses "Flux Capacitor"? Well, yes! Because that is the code name of JBoss AS 7.1.0.CR1. The nightly builds of SwitchYard now uses Flux Capacitor. How cool is that? You can download the nightlies from here:


SwitchYard Runtime


SwitchYard Team!

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