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Forge Updates

Posted by kcbabo Apr 17, 2012

A few updates on the Forge front.


First, after an overly long stay on Forge Beta 3, we have upgraded our Forge support to 1.0.2.Final.  This also happens to bring us up to the current support level for Forge within JBoss Tools.  If you haven't tried out the Forge Console in JBDS yet, give it a shot.  You get the best of both worlds - quick bootstrap with Forge and powerful edit/build/debug support in Eclipse all in one package.  Forge 1.0.2.Final can be downloaded from the Forge docs page and our latest installer for the SwitchYard plugins can be found in the latest nightly build.


I also wanted to take a moment to thank Mario Antollini for his recent contributions to our Forge tooling.  He added two new commands for creating service references for an existing service implementation - a general command (add-reference) which updates the switchyard.xml and a specific command for CDI bean services (bean-reference).  This comes off pretty nicely considering you can go from nothing to a service implementation with a dependency on another service in two commands:


bean-service create --serviceName OrderService
bean-reference create --beanName OrderService --referenceName InventoryService


Gets you this:


public class OrderServiceBean implements org.example.OrderService {

   public void process(String content) {
        // Add processing logic here

   private @Reference("InventoryService")
   InventoryService inventory;



None too shabby.

If you're interested in learning a bit more about the foundation for our runtime governance support in SwitchYard, check out this video:




This is the first video we've recorded in 1920x1200, so please let us know if there's an issue with the resolution.  As always, viewing the HD version of the video is recommended.

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