SwitchYard had a good showing at both JUDCon and JBoss World this year.  Our presentations were well received, feedback was tremendous, and all of our live demos worked. :-)  If you weren't able to make it this year or you want a refresher, here's the collection of SY presos:


The Future of the Enterprise Service Bus at JBoss

Tom and I gave a talk on what we're up to with JBoss ESB and SwitchYard, where things are headed in the future, and tips on how to make the transition.


Enterprise Services Made Easy with SwitchYard

An introduction to SwitchYard with a healthy amount of show-and-tell.


SOA at Scale with SwitchYard

An examination of the different elements of scaling an enterprise application (it's about more than runtime performance) and how SwitchYard can help.


The first two sessions were recorded via video camera and the last was recorded via screen capture.  I haven't seen the videos posted yet by the production team, but hopefully that will go up soon.  All three sessions had demos and cheesy jokes and it's just not the same if you can't watch/listen to those while looking at the slides.