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Looks like the SwitchYard presentations from JUDCon Boston are now available.   I posted the slides to the blog some time back, but the video helps fill in the blanks and also includes live demo action.  If you want to see the absolute latest and greatest, check out the SwitchYard session during JBoss Integration Week tomorrow at 1:00pm ET.


Future of the Enterprise Service Bus at JBoss



Enterprise Services Made Easy with SwitchYard


The team has been banging away on 0.6 and the end is nigh.  Here's a quick look at the features available in 0.6 Beta1:


  • Security policy now supports pluggable authentication providers with PicketLink and PicketBox integration out of the box.
  • Transaction policy definitions for starting a global or local transaction around a service.
  • A ton of work around improving the visual editor and adding support for new features in 0.6.
  • Added RESTEasy gateway
  • Added a vanilla HTTP gateway
  • Dynamic operation selectors
  • Operation-level drill down for service monitoring
  • Enhancements to the rules and bpm components around fact insertion and event notification
  • Easy peasy deployment and testing of quickstarts
  • Improved Camel integration in core and test framework
  • More bug fixes than you can shake a stick at


We started the typical Release Overview page for 0.6, but it's still a work in progress.  Definitely check it out for more info and updates as we move closer to 0.6 Final over the next couple weeks.

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