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SwitchYard 0.6 has gone final and is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.  The issue bucket for 0.6 was a veritable horn o' plenty, with 157 issues resolved over the course of the release.  Here's a sampling of the features:


  • Security policy now supports pluggable authentication providers with PicketLink and PicketBox integration out of the box.
  • Transaction policy definitions for starting a global or local transaction around a service.
  • Transaction policy on service references allow you to declare whether a transaction should be propagated or suspended on invocations from your services.
  • Clustering of SY instances.
  • A remote service invoker.
  • A ton of work around improving the visual editor and adding support for new features in 0.6.
  • Added a RESTEasy gateway.
  • Added a vanilla HTTP gateway.
  • Added dynamic operation selectors which allows the service operation to be derived from message content/context.
  • Operation-level drill down for service monitoring.
  • Enhancements to the rules and bpm components around fact insertion and event notification.
  • Easy peasy deployment and testing of quickstarts.
  • Improved Camel integration in core and test framework.


If you'd like to learn more, check out the latest edition of our critically acclaimed Release Overview series for details, examples, and links to additional information.



The SwitchYard Team

We are now feature complete and (hopefully) bug fix complete for the SwitchYard 0.6 release.  The big difference between Beta1 and Beta2 is the introduction of clustering.  Transaction policy also got even more powerful as you can now specify transaction policy for service references (e.g. suspend a transaction when a service is invoked from your transactional service).  There were 50 issues resolved between Beta1 and Beta2, so plenty of bug fixing and minor enhancements in there as well.  Check out the Release Overview page for more detail.


No further work is planned for 0.6 pending feedback and issue reporting from the community.  If no issues surface, 0.6.0.Final will be out in 7-10 days.

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