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The JBoss Community Team are proud to announce the following enhancements to our JIRA and FishEye servers:


- Both servers were upgraded to the latest versions on 13th May 2011:

JIRA 4.3.3

FishEye 2.5.4


- A new "Component Watcher Plugin" was added into JIRA to allow project administrators to define email notifications for all issue changes in a Component:


- A bi-directional Application Link was established between JIRA and FishEye. This adds a "Source" tab in JIRA showing source code commit information from FishEye for both Subversion and Git repositories:          (Subversion)                              (Git)

It also allows you to see JIRA issue changes in the FishEye Activity Stream:


- We reviewed and improved the configuration of all FishEye repositories making them as simple, accurate and consistent as possible.





Following user feedback after the announcement of the Project Documentation Editor ( on 28th Feb 2011 the JBoss Community Team are proud to announce the availability of two enhancements:


1) A Pages structure tool  -

This allows you to quickly create and validate the structure of Confluence pages (documentation chapters) against a given template. It's especially useful for projects that have multiple modules that need the same structure:


2) Defining metadata for reuse in pages -

This allows you to change the metadata (Project Name, Version Number, etc...) in one location instead of having to go through all pages, for example when performing a release:


Special thanks to Max Andersen and Aslak Knutsen for these ideas.





we submitted our DocBook Import For Confluence plugin into Codegeist 2011 - Atlassian's plugin development competition.


We developed this plugin for JBoss Community Project Documentation Editor based on Atlassian Confluence. It's used here by JBoss Open Source projects to give their project documentation for simple, cooperative, online authoring by whole community.


Support us please, vote for our plugin at, and spread this info to the world. Voting ends on May 29, 2011 @ 11:59 PM (PDT).


Thanks a lot for your help.