we are happy to announce upgrade of JBoss Community Search service http://search.jboss.org/.


Indexing More Mail Lists


We are starting indexing more community mailing lists, in particular we added CDI, Bean Validation, JBoss Forge, PicketLink, JBoss Developer Framework and JBoss-RPM mail lists.


Respective filters were added to the Project filter:


Adding OpenSearch Support

OpenSearch is a collection of technologies that allow publishing of search results in a format suitable for syndication and aggregation. For example many web browsers have built-in support for OpenSearch.


Ricardo Martinelli Oliveira approached our team with the idea to implement it for JBoss Community search and he provided first implementation. We took his idea a step further and developed a solid OpenSearch support including extensions like search suggestions and autodiscovery that will make sure it adapts to any changes we make in the underlying implementation going forward (so once you install it, it will not stop working when we rename the URL endpoint).


The following is how you can make use of OpenSearch in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers. For video demo see below:


Firefox recognises OpenSearch plugins and gives you a chance to add them into your plugin list with a few clicks. It also supports search suggestions.


  • When you visit search.jboss.org Firefox will recognise OpenSearch plugin and if it hasn't been already installed you can install it by clicking on a magnifier symbol in search field. Then select And JBoss Community.
  • To make use of the plugin place your cursor into the search field, select JBoss Community and start typing. Note that you can get search suggestions at this point.
  • More: Learn to Manage Your Search Engines in Firefox.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome recognises and adds OpenSearch plugins automatically on the fly. So, as soon as you visit search.jboss.org for the first time, you can easily make use of the plugin. Google Chrome also supports search suggestions.


  • Visit search.jboss.org to make sure the OpenSearch plugin has been installed.
  • To make use of the plugin start typing in the web browser address bar search.jboss.org and at some point the browser will tell you that you can "Press tab to search JBoss Community".
  • Press tab. Now you can insert your query. Note that Google Chrome gives you search suggestions at this point.
  • More: Manage search engines in Google Chrome.


Safari browser is one of a few browsers that do not support OpenSearch out of the box. However, there is a nice Safari plugin called OpenSearchForSafari that adds support for it.


  • First you need to install the plugin.
  • Then visit search.jboss.org, note that the plugin signals a new OpenSearch plugin has been detected on this page and can be added to the list of your plugins. Just click the icon or use ⌥⌘O (Option-Command-O) and add the "JBoss Community" plugin.
  • Once you have the plugin added you can search in JBoss Community easily. Unfortunately, the OpenSearchForSafari plugin does not allow for sorting of individual plugins so each time you issue a new search you have to select appropriate plugin from the list.
  • Unfortunately, OpenSearchForSafari does not support search suggestions.



The following video shows you how to install and use OpenSearch for search.jboss.org in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers respectively: