• JSP in WildFly

    Hi,   I have a JSP-based application which ran well in JBoss EAP 6.4. Hwoever, trying to run on WildFly 17, the jsp could not get run with error message suggesting that custom tag lib files could not get loaded....
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  • secure password with org.picketbox.datasource.security.SecureIdentityLoginModule

    Dear community,   If you use a library: org.picketbox.datasource.security.SecureIdentityLoginModule without an cache-type entry in xml tag, this will increment the symbol table (is connected to metaspace) each ...
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  • How to run galleon in a proxy environment

    Dear community,   I tried to install WildFly using galleon.sh(4.0.3.Final), but I couldn't connect to the repository on the Internet. The following settings were made because this was a proxy environment, but th...
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  • EL,JSTL tags are displaying in pages in JBoss 7.1.6

    I am working on JBoss 6.x to Jboss 7.1.6 migration project. I did all the configuration changes and application deployed successfully. But after accessing login page, JSTL tags are printed to screen. Please let me kno...
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  • Problem with JNDI lookup from all the nodes in wildfly-16.0.0.Final cluster

    We are using wildfly-16.0.0.Final.   we are trying to migrate the project from weblogic to wildfly16. wildfly domain is running in cluster domain mode with one server on master and one server on slave. "user"...
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  • Migration of JBoss Application and server to Public Cloud and containerization

    I am looking for tools and process for migration of existing on premise application to public cloud . In am looking for following things   Containerize existing application Move to kubernetes environment in p...
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  • javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException:  No such EJB: SMEServices/SMEApps/SMEServiceHome @ http-remoting://localhost:8080

    I have deployed my application successfully in JBoss EAP 7.1. But while calling EJB bean, am getting below error. Kindly help me to resolve this   Code:            ...
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  • WildFly 14 domain JMX remoting by

    I have been trying to set up jmx remoting in WildFly 14 domain mode however I have not been able to connect.   - I have set up a user in ApplicationRealm - I have set the remoting socket binding port for the fu...
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  • JMX-Console in Wildfly 8.2

    Hi All,   How do we enable JMX-console web agent in wildlfly 8.2 which we had in jboss 4.x?   Thanks in advance
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  • How to customize the log for the project under wildfly-17.0.1.Final without system log output?

    How to customize the log for the project under wildfly-17.0.1.Final without system log output?
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  • Getting XNIO UpgradeFailedException Invalid response code 200 when using remote+https

    Hi guys,   I try to migrate my deployment running currently on Wildfly 9 to run on Wildfly 13. The clients are using for remote EJB and JMS connections the "https-remoting" protocol secured with a self signed c...
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  • DB Connection is not getting removed from pool when transaction is rolled back during database fail over

    I am using Wildfly-17 server. I am testing the failover scenario on the Oracle database during ongoing API traffic in Wildfly. The steps I performed: Oracle RAC DB setup is done and scans IP (Virtual IP) is configure...
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  • What is the meaning for WFLYEJB0034: EJB Invocation failed on component

    Hi, While accessing my webpage after starting wildfly 13 server. I am getting the below error: 2019-09-25 10:25:54,434 INFO  [stdout] (default task-1) ********** Loaded application properties from file: /opt/wil...
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    created by Animesh Sahani
  • Enable GZIP in JBoss7.1.0EAP

    I am trying to get a response from Postman where I have deployed the war file in JBoss7.1.0 eap server. But I am not getting any response in Postman. There are no errors in the logs. I have used @GZIP in the response,...
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  • Multiple DataSources pointing to same Database

    Hi all,   I understand XA datasources should be used when attempting to commit to separate DataSources pointing at separate databases in the same transaction. Does this also hold for attempting to commit to sep...
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  • Incorrect response header "Date" issue in using JBOSS EAP 7 docker image

    I am deploying my application using JBOSS EAP 7 docker image in a docker container environment. My issue is like "Date" in response header is always coming same. Everything is fine when deploying same application in ...
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    last modified by sambit choudhury
  • Exception in wildfly13 java.util.NoSuchElementException after loading the DB.jndi.properties

    Hi All Please can anyone help me with the below error I am getting after deploying the EAR in wildfly 13 server. I have a JBOSS 5 developed project which includes WEB and EJB modules. I want to migrate to wildfly...
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    last modified by Animesh Sahani
  • encounter NullPointerExcetion when deploy springboot app to wildfly 17.0.1.Final in docker

    i deploy a spring boot application to the jboss get below error when start the container:   17:03:10,974 INFO  [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.config] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 81) Initializ...
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    last modified by Huang Ao
  • Application Fails to Load after enabling  jdbc based session persistence.

    Hi Experts,        I  am doing a POC  with JBoss EAP 7.1 release wherein I have enabled db based session persistence, I have tested with the default cache manager persistence and it...
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  • Wildfly 16 datasource stuck

    One of our test servers WildFly 16 with a XA datasource schema that looks like ABCD$OWNER get stuck for hours printing the below messages to the log. Has anyone else seen this issue please? 2019-09-23 15:53:03...
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    last modified by Dinesh Mahadevan