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Special Thanks to Justin Hayes for coming out and talking about the JBoss Tusk project.  This project is a reference architecture that shows the role that different JBoss technologies will play in handling big data.  The downstream versions of JBoss ESB, Teiid, JBoss Tools, Drools, and Infinispan were on full display here.  Big Data is certainly a domain space where there is no one tool to handle its challenges and the JBoss Tusk reference architecture is a great way to get started. 


Continuing our use of Bambuser to livestream our meetups, the archived video can be found here -


Also, the slides are available for viewing at our meetup site here -



We've continued using BambUser to livestream and record our meetups.  The October Meetup - The Hitchhikers Guide to the JBoss Galaxy can be found at -


For this talk, Burr Sutter gave an excellent talk on the JBoss ecosystem and highlighted many key projects.  TicketMonster was on full display here and our group was fortunate to see a reply of the JBoss World Key Note demo.  So check it out and feel free to leave comments.