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Andiamo - Our Usability Initiative

About this group

This group is dedicated to our initiative called Andiamo. Andiamo is an initiative that is focused on usability of our middleware portfolio. Usability is a large topic, and we have two main things we want to focus on in regards to usability. Operational usability and developer usability. While these two concerns do intersect at certain points, the main things we are concerned about with operational usability, is deploying, configuring and running servers in the various environments, whether a single developer on a desktop/laptop, all the way through development, test, staging and production. With developer usability we are concerned about the ability to easily test anything that you can deploy within our runtimes. This brings in developer tools (JBoss Tools), but also things like Arquillian, Shrinkwrap, Maven, boot time deploying only what you are testing and its dependencies, etc.

Owned by:crobson, andy.miller
Tags:andiamo, usability
Created:January 15, 2010 5:52:49 AM
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