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    EJB not binding with different distribution packaging

    Jason Yip Newbie

      I'm having a problem where after changing the way the deployment packages are done, the naming service is no longer binding the EJB. I've confirmed this through the JMX JNDIView.

      Old packaging (which works):
      - ejb.jar [contains bean, home and remote interface, jboss.xml, ejb-jar.xml]

      New packaging (doesn't bind the EJB to the naming service):
      - framework_server.jar [contains EJB]
      - framework_common.jar [contains home and remote interface]
      - ejb.jar [contains jboss.xml and ejb-jar.xml]

      Does anyone have any ideas why this doesn't work? Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? I'm thinking that possibly the JBoss naming service can't find the EJB to bind it given that the descriptors are now in different jars... I'm finding it difficult to find out for sure given that the server.log isn't actually throwing any errors on this. All the errors are showing up on the client side

      As an aside, is there a way to turn on logging for the naming service so I can see if there is an error during binding?