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    JBOSS and JNI

    alexjboss Newbie


      Can anyone provide me any information regarding how to load a native library at startup for the JBOSS Container. I am trying to load a native library written in C++ which I can access via JNI from the command line. However, when I access this library via an EJB which talks to my JNI wrappers I get the following error:

      java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: new_TestDate__SWIG_2

      I realize the EJB spec states that accessing a JNI/native code is prohibited, but some newsgroups recommended a work around where the native library is loaded via the Container instead of the EJB. By the way, I am using a stateful session bean.

      Any ideas recommendations (excluding CORBA) would greatly be appreciated!!

      JBOSS is an awesome product!

      Many Thanks: