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    How to write an EJB Interceptor?

    Oguz Ibram Newbie

      Can anyone help me plz.
      I don't find any information about how to implement an EJb Interceptor though I have got a good EJB Book.
      I don't find anything in the web, and in the JBoss Docu I don't find it, too.

      Is it something difficult perhaps with writing MBeans, JMX etc.
      Because the request Interceptor has a big place in the ejb architecture in catching client requests and finding the Bean implementation, security, transaction service etc. And this is done with a couple of MBeans. So if this is the solution this would be too long for me.

      or is this ominous "EJB Interceptor" something very otherwise than the request interceptor I talked above and it is perhaps only the interface implementation of
      org.jboss.ejb.Interceptor? and because it is so easy, no one talks about it?

      I am a bit confused with that.

      And does anyone know a good document, that describes EJB interceptors??

      Thanx in advance.
      This would be great help for me

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          Oguz Ibram Newbie

          For all, who had the same problem, who could not find anything about EJB Interceptors through whole the web and in no EJB Book, here is the answer:

          Have a look into the JBoss3.0Book. It is explained there.

          Unfortunately the Quickstart Guide does not talk about in detail. It is only mentioned in the context of Container Managed Transactions.

          So it is only a JBoss AppServer specific topic. But perhaps it will get an EJB standard one day.

          An EJB interceptor is analogous to filters for servlets: not every ejb method call occurs, only those calls occur, that you want to occur.