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    Problem using jboss.xml

    Ed Hillmann Newbie

      Hi folks. I'm writing a J2EE application (currently using JBoss 4.0 pre-release). I'm starting to define some CMP entity beans. If I only use the standard deployment descriptor (ejb-jar.xml), everything deploys fine.

      When I try to use jboss.xml, however, I get an error something like "Bean <bean name> found in jboss.xml but not in ejb-jar.xml". Sorry about the vagueness, but the exact message is at home on the PC there. But it is definately something like that: it thinks it's found an EJB name in the jboss.xml which it thinks (incorrectly) doesn't exist within the ejb-jar.xml. The jboss.xml file was generated using xdoclet, and the ejb-name is correct.

      Is there something I should be setting?

      Additionally, if I want to provide info in the jbosscmp deployment descriptor, does a jboss.xml descriptor have to exist?