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    encoding question

    anny_lut Newbie

      1. I have an application executing on localhost.
      In application I defined simple string: String ss = "ДОБРЫЙ ДЕНЬ"
      (russian - win1251)

      2. I have JBOSS3 on localhost and simple bean deployed on it.
      One of the method of this bean takes String as argument and
      puts it in the file... and then invokes method from remote host
      which also takes String as argument and puts it in the file...
      (on Local host I have winXP - Eng)

      public void prnString(String inputSource){
      java.io.FileOutputStream f = new java.io.FileOutputStream ("c:\\remote_RRRRR.xml");

      /* .. executing prnString(inputSource) from remote host ....*/

      3. On remote host I have JBOSS3 and the bean which also puts
      string into file
      (on Remote host I have win2000 Srv - RUS)

      When I execute prnString on localhost, I get file with proper
      string (I mean In win1251 encoding),
      but file in remote host has "???????????"

      What wrong with encoding on remote host???
      Also on remote host all messages generated with Log4j written in russian appear as "????????"

      Thanks for all replies......