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    Message Driven Bean cannot read from remote queue?

    Dave Kohr Newbie

      I did some experimentation with JBoss 3.2.3 to try to get an MDB in one JBoss server instance to read messages out of a remote queue, i.e. one located in a different server instance. In jboss.xml, I used the JNDI name of the remote queue, like so:


      When my MDB gets deployed, there are no warnings. However, when messages arrive at MyQueue, the MDB doesn't get invoked. I am guessing that this functionality is just not implemented in 3.2.3, because there is a Wiki entry at


      and it's totally blank.

      Is there actually a way to do this?

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          jae Master

          yes - this can be done.

          you can use the org.jboss.jms.jndi.JMSProviderLoader Mbean to bind the new location (remotehost) into jndi.

          after that, you can modify the jboss.xml file to tell it to use the new provider you created via the mbean, and then edit the jms-ds.xml file to tell it to also use the new remote provider you created.

          this is covered in the jboss admin and devlopment guide (which is what i used to create the summary of steps above).