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    ejb-jar DTD validation

    Scott Jourdan Newbie

      Dear Friends,

      When I deploy my application the server tells me that my ejb-jar.xml file is malformed stating "unkown PUBLIC id in ejb-jar.xml". This is coming from the DOCTYPE tag. I have matched the DOCTYPE to exactly what is in the DTD but is still gives me that mesage. Any Idea? I am jboss_3_2_3.

      Additinally, in the JBOSS-SERVICE.xml I have set the validateDTDs to false for EJB Deployment but it still tries to connect the site sepecified by the DOCTYPE tag. Is this a bug?


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          murty maddala Newbie

          There is something called verifier in the jboss which is going to validate the ejb-spec .u can test your code by writing a small application and calling that verifier class ur self by putting the respective jar in the classpath.This verifier is something similiar to weblogic'c weblogicc command..