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    Looking up a session bean on one server from within another

    Matt Lee Newbie

      We have processes within once instance of JBoss that need to access session beans in a remote instance of JBoss.

      We just upgraded from 3.2.3 to 3.2.7 and JNDI lookups to remote servers stopped working. The funny thing is that there are no exceptions, but the JNDI lookup always returns a reference to a local bean. I always put in the java.naming.provider.url property for the InitialContext and if i put in the name of my local server it all works. When i put in the name of a remote server i get a bean on the local server.

      This all works fine from a normal client, but when the code inside JBoss tries to be the client it does not work.

      We didn't change any code for the upgrade or any of the deployment descriptors so if there is something we can do to resolve the remote references I would love to hear it.

      Also, if I pass in a bogus server name, i do get an error that it could not connect, so it is doing something correctly.

      Any ideas on what i can do to get this working. I've searched all over the forums and Google and cannot find a thing.