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    Dead Locks with JBoss 3.2.6

    Baskar Bharadwaj Newbie

      Hi !!
      My application is deployed in JBoss 3.2.6. The design is in such a way that:
      There are 2 entity beans say X & Y, where the relation is like one-to-many.
      i.e, 1 instance of X is related to many instances of Y.
      Now there is possiblity that multiple instances of different session beans can:
      1. Find some instances of X, traverse to related Y instances & update some fields in both X & Y
      2. Find some Y instances, read some fields from the corresponding X instances & update some fields in Y.

      When tested, almost everytime I get 'ApplicationDeadLockException'
      either in the 'finder' method of X entity/some CMP field getter method of X entity. I'am not sure if my application design itself is flawed or I can do some JBoss configurations to avoid such dead locks.
      Based on some suggestions, I configured all 'get*' as read-only in method-attributes in jboss.xml. Still, I could not avoid dead locks in the finder.

      Some help/pointers to attack this problem from experienced developers might be very helpful.

      Thanks in advance..