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    Deplyment Problem  EJB using IIOP

    Hemil Shah Newbie

      Hi ,

      I want to deploy my EJB Bean which needs to be IIOP compatible as i am using CORBA to talk to C++ code. As per JBoss documentation i have updated my jboss.xml file to contain the statement like :





      But even after this, during the time of deployment the container is throwing the exception stating :

      org.jboss.iiop.rmi.RMIIIOPViolationException: Value type com.nortel.optmP.dmlP.neP.dbP.dbcP.NEDBCleanerRemoteI cannot implement java.rmi.Remote.

      I have also tried with only IIOP configuration in jboss.xml but result is the same. Also i am starting JBoss with "-c all" options. Still result is the same.

      I am not knowing what should i do now. Please help me is anybody has any idea on this.

      Thanks .